Your Faithfulness Will Certainly Be Rewarded

Neil Vermillion —  March 8, 2018 —  Comments

Because you heard my voice you will prosper and do well. Because you have chosen my path, and my timing, you will do well. Because you did not choose what seemed logical to you, but chose to follow, you will see it come to pass the full development and manifestation of your heart’s desires, and the fulfillment of the call upon your life. You will see this come to pass, not because of your wisdom, but because these things have always been my plan for you. (1)

You have chosen to follow my direction in your life, even when it did not make complete sense to you. You choose to walk the walk of faith, and as a result you will surely reap the rewards for doing so. Do not look to today, as though it were final, but know today is a part of the process, part of the path and journey we are walking together. Look to today as an indicator of what is still in store, knowing there is so much yet to be revealed, and it will be so much better than you previously imagined or thought possible.

Walk in this assurance, not because of who you are, or because of your own abilities, but because of who I am, and because of my great love for you. My love will manifest within you time and time again, and you will come to see the plans in store for today, as well as tomorrow, with great clarity and precision. As a result you will not worry and you will not fear for you will realize and know you will not be disappointed for following me.

You will see it come to pass, the fulfillment of your heart’s desires, the things I have placed deep within the core and essence of who you are. You will see and understand how the troubles and trials were working for a greater purpose. All of the loss and struggle along the way, has not been wasted, but has been collected, experienced, and redeemed for many reasons, all of them working to reveal a greater purpose, a greater good, and a greater glory yet to be fully revealed. (2)

Know you will be delighted in measures that will far surpass what you own imagination has room to create. You will be delighted beyond your own ability to imagine, and will experience no disappointment in me, or with me. (3)

(1) Deuteronomy 30:19-20, John 14:3
(2) Romans 8:28, Joel 2:25
(3) Psalm 16:11

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