Fan My Fire Into A Flame

Neil Vermillion —  January 13, 2016 —  Comments

As you sit with me, and before me, even this day, I am moving you past your limits and experiences of the past. For there is greatness within you still hidden, still inactive. I am moving and I am shaking, and I am pressing you both in your heart and mind, as well as your circumstances. So take note and understand the pressure you are experiencing is my doing.

The pressure is from me, so do not resist it. Do not fight the pressure you are experiencing, but embrace it and cooperate with it. For if you cooperate with it, even though you feel it may crush you, it will launch you forward over your hurdles, past your limits, and into the new realms I have for you. Allow my pressure to push you forward, for it will guide you, for this pressure is not random but is strategic. I could have pressed at any time, but I have chosen this day. I could have pressed in any direction, but I have chosen this direction. So understand that although this pressure is uncomfortable and may feel foreign to you, it is strategic and will accomplish what I desire in your life.

So do not resist, but embrace this divine pressure in this present moment. Embrace the pressure within your heart. Embrace the pressure within your mind, as you continue to birth new ideas and gain additional understanding to ideas and concepts you already possess. Embrace the pressure in your circumstances, for I am moving you, both symbolically as well as physically – literally – to new locations, new areas, new realms, new regions – all according to my timing and my schedule.

I am awakening gifts and desires and perspectives within you that will guide you for all that is soon coming. I am allowing and even orchestrating pressure to stir you up, to light a fire within you that will burn and continue to grow as it burns hotter and hotter. I have started this small, but it will not remain small. My fire within you will grow, for my plans for you are great, and the impact that will come through you is also great.

So fan this fire into a flame, and do not consider the cost. Fan this fire into a flame and do not look to the right or to the left. Do not consider alternate plans, but give yourself wholly to it. Fan this fire into a flame and do not hesitate for it is the time, and it is good. Though you will feel unprepared, and in many ways inadequate, do not feel as though you must continue to make yourself ready. For as this day is surely upon you, simply say yes and agree and cooperate. For now is the time, now is that day.

Fan this fire into a flame and understand you do not have all the answers to your questions. But also understand your questions will not limit or stop my fire. So fan the fire into a flame, and allow it to burn without apology. Allow it burn without boundaries, without hindrance, without obstruction and allow it to engulf you and your world and your mind.

Allow my fire to consume all that is in your way, for there are obstacles within your path and the fire will melt and consume them. The fire will warm you. It will guide you. It will be your light in the darkness. So allow my fire to grow and burn, for this fire is of me, and it will serve you as you continue to nurture and protect it.

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