Fellowship In The Light Of My Presence

Neil Vermillion —  November 26, 2015 —  Comments

As you continue to drink me in you will find time and time again I am there with you, I am limitless, I am constant, I am unexplainable. For in your own mind you desire to understand, and so you invent explanations. But these explanation, though well meaning, are sorely inadequate. So you are left with a convenient, explainable, even rational concept simple for you to grasp, explain, and understand. But the reality is I am far beyond all of these things. I am far beyond any convenient explanation. In fact, many aspects of who I am defy and contradict what your mind perceives to be possible. But even still I love you. Even still I welcome you to my embrace. Even still I call you out of the darkness to enjoy our fellowship together in the light of my presence.

And you desire this closeness, yet undermine it in your heart in your pursuit of your desires for convenience and security and stability. In your desire to move away from faith, and remain in realms already known, already comprehensible, sensible, and reasonable, you gravitate towards the simple and predictable and away from the glory and paradox that is at the very center and core of who I am.

And so I am bringing these things to your awareness. I am speaking to your mind to awaken your heart. I am shaking your sleep, to interrupt the dreams of your slumber and bring you into the reality of who I am, who my son is, what you have been given, and the identity of who you are in union with me. Though I work to awaken you, still you resist. Even though you will be liberated, able to walk freely without guilt, shame, or condemnation, still you walk in the darkness and in the shadows because it suits you.

So allow me to encourage you today. Allow me to awaken your eyes to see beyond flesh and blood. Allow me to speak to your heart and foster creativity. Allow me to shake your circumstances and expose the dross. Allow me to blow the winds of change and remove the chaff. For as I do all these things you will be left what what is pure. What remains will be good for you. You will be left with what will bless you, serve you, and prosper you, and the rubbish of your former way of living will be removed as you continually renew your mind in the truth I am showing you even this day.

For there is so much in store for you, but it will require the walk of faith. It will require single-mindedness. It will require union together with me, for apart from me you can do nothing. So open your heart and open your eyes and open your ears that I may speak to you, shine on you, awaken you, and embrace you in the understanding and revelation of the fellowship and union we have together. For in this place you will experience the fullness of joy that will never be taken from you, but will continue with no end.

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