The Finished Product You Desire

Neil Vermillion —  January 17, 2017 — Leave a comment

When you seek me in your darkness I will provide your solutions. When you are hungry I will be the first to feed you. When you are confused I will supply you with the direction to your answer. At times you seek the goal, rather than the process. You seek the end, without experiencing the journey. So at times I will speak to you, giving you the answers you want, but other times I will push you in a direction, initiating and activating a process instead.

For I will work with you in multiple methods, and I will work with you in multifaceted agendas. I will not explain everything the way you want, but will bring you through the muddy mess of it all, allowing you to draw your own conclusions. For I see the desire in your own heart. I see the motives that surround your mind. I know your plans, and I know your goals, but even still I have blessed you. So surrender to me, that which you have already lost. Give away what you no longer possess. Let go of the folly of your youth, knowing you never possess the fullness of the wisdom made available to you.

Trade with me what will be good for you, in exchange for what will lead to your demise. Let go of the poison you consume in exchange for health and life. Abandon the toxins of the day, and drink of my truth and wholeness. Let me guide you to new realms of peace and understanding, knowing my will for your life is far better than what you would have made for yourself. Allow me to be myself, just I allow you to be yourself. Allow me to speak to you in riddles and mysteries. Allow me to answer you quickly, or slowly. Allow me to speak the language of my heart, and develop your senses and skills, rather than merely fetching the finished product you desire.

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