My Fire Placed Within You

Neil Vermillion —  July 15, 2016 —  Comments

I am increasing your capacity to see. I am increasing your capacity to understand what you see. I am increasing your capacity to focus on the hour of this day. I am increasing your capacity to retain what you’ve already been given, and remember what you’ve already learned. I am increasing you in ways you do not perceive. I am increasing you in methods you do not recognize. I am increasing your strength, endurance, power, and capacity and will continue to do so again and again as we grow and mature together. In this way you will not only see, but will also experience the great riches I have in store for you.

For I have not given you only words. I have not given you only concepts. I have not given ethereal, meaningless ideologies possessing no power, no capacity to affect change or influence your circumstances. I have not planted my truth within you only to see it lie dormant. I have not given you strength, only as a trophy to possess and never use. I have not planted desire for adventure within you, only to see it remain unrealized.

So as you feel my fire burning deep within your gut, and deep within your heart, do not be tempted to quench this fire. For this fire will burn with passion and will burn beyond boundaries, beyond control. This fire of mine will not be polite, nor pleasant, but will inspire and propel you to conquer, achieve, innovate, and explore. My fire will purge and project. It will not allow you to remain stationary. My fire will continue to consume all that is irrelevant, leaving only that which matters most, the things of lasting value and substance.

So allow my fire to burn hot. Allow my fire to burn bright. Allow yourself to fan the spark into a roaring flame, and do not be afraid to let it loose. Do not be afraid to unleash the full vision in your life, for in doing so you will truly ignite a fire and passion that will consume you.

In this world there will be many distractions before you. You will have many options, many road you could travel, so take care to tend to your fire, so it will not grow cold. Take care to nurture and protect what is valuable. Take care to focus and prioritize the responsibilities I’ve given you. For in doing so you will continue to spread life. You will continue to stoke your fire. You will continue to grow and expand, being consumed by the zeal, and passion, and fire I’ve placed within you.

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