Focusing On The Important

Neil Vermillion —  April 17, 2020 —  Comments

I am working in the secret things in your heart, mind, and circumstances to bring about greater awareness of my plans for you. You are so easily distracted by the here and now, by the things that are temporary, by the things that are urgent, but ultimately unimportant. These things grab your attention, but what you see, and the issues they represent, are not relevant. The things I am working on are out of your sight, beyond your awareness, but nevertheless, they are important, relevant, and necessary. I am working in these areas, regarding all these issues, to bring about my influence in your life. (1)

I am moving on your heart, to bring you closer to my side, to awaken your understanding of what is truly important. I am working to heighten your awareness of my spirit, timing, and will for your life, to bring you to that place of greater fulfillment, impact, and contribution. My spirit will guide you, speak to you, and bring you to the place of solitude where you can hear me clearly. I will direct you to the place where you will know my voice, hear my words, and discern my ways. (2)

Though you have been curiously searching, you have done so by your own methods, utilizing your own logic and reasoning, doing so in your own strength, which is the very reason you have not found what you are really looking for. In all these things I will pierce the darkness of your broken heart, so you will find what you need, and discover what you have been searching for. Only I can reveal myself to you. You cannot discover me apart from me. You cannot learn of me, without me. You cannot find me without my deliberate revelation of myself to you. (3)

In our togetherness you will find what you desperately desire and voraciously need. As we dwell together in closeness, unity, and harmony we will walk the paths to the places of your greatest fulfillment, and you will embrace me and love me, and your heart will be full of joy, peace, and generosity. My fellowship with you will change and transform you, and your life, in permanent and profound ways. It will change you in ways you cannot conceive. It will reconcile your inner conflicts, bringing peace to your anxiety and internal wars. It will change your heart and the motivations that govern the actions of your life. (4)

As you continue to move forward in your day to day living, continue to listen to me, follow me, and feel my presence for I am speaking to you. I am making myself known to you and bringing greater awareness of who I am, who you are, and all my plans for us together. As you continue to follow my lead, hear my voice, and obey what I show you, you will grow more and more sensitive to my guidance, becoming able to focus on what is important, and ignore what is not. (5)

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