Focusing On The Important

Neil Vermillion —  August 17, 2015 —  Comments

For I am working in the secret things in your heart, in your mind, and in your circumstances, to bring about greater awareness of my plans for you. For you are so easily distracted by the here and now, by the things that are temporary, by the things that are unimportant. And so, these things that grab your attention, and hold it, are what you see, and these things are not important, they are not truly relevant.

So the things I’m working on are out of your sight, out of your vision, beyond your awareness, but nevertheless, they are important, they are relevant, they are necessary. I am working in these areas, in these issues, to bring about my influence in your life. For I am moving on your heart to bring you closer to my side, to awaken your understanding of what’s truly important. I am working to heighten your awareness of my spirit, of my timing, of my will for you life, to bring you to that place of greater fulfillment, greater impact.

For my spirit will guide you, will speak to you, will bring you to that place of solitude where you can hear me clearly. For I will guide you and direct you to the place where you will know my voice, you will know my words, and you will know my ways. And in all these things, you will find all you seek, all you have been searching for.

But though you have been looking, hunting, and searching, you have done so by your own methods, by your own logic and reasoning, by your own strength. And this is the very reason you’ve not found what you’ve been looking for.

For only I can reveal myself to you. You cannot discover me apart from me. You cannot learn of me, without me. You cannot find me without my deliberate revelation of myself to you. So as you hunt and search in your own strength you will not be able to find what it is you are really looking for. But in our togetherness you will find it all. As we dwell together in closeness, unity, and harmony, we will walk those paths to the places of your greatest fulfillment.

And you will embrace me, and you will love me, and your heart will be full of gladness, joy, peace, and even generosity. For my fellowship with you will change you and transform you in profound ways. It will change you in ways you cannot conceive. It will reconcile your hurts, and it will bring peace to your anxiety. It will change your heart beyond your own ability to understand it or to perceive it.

So as you continue to move forward in your day to day living, continue to listen to me, to follow me, to feel my presence. For I am speaking to you. I am making myself known to you. I am bringing greater awareness of who I am, who you are, and all my plans for us together. And as you continue to follow my lead, hear my voice, and obey what I show you, you will grow more and more sensitive to my guidance, becoming able to focus on what’s important, and ignore what is not.

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