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Neil Vermillion —  April 18, 2017 — Leave a comment

For I know where you are residing, and I know the thoughts you think. I understand your framework, and I understand how you formulate your thoughts and your motives. I also understand how to meet you where you are. I understand how to comfort you and make you feel secure. So in the times of your greatest need, when you feel you have no hope, no answer, no alternative reach out to me and you will experience my comfort, security, faithfulness, and provision.

For in all your hurts and heartaches you will also be able to experience my comfort. And though this reality will confound your rational mind at times, know I have made myself available to you totally and completely, without hindrance, obstruction, or limit. So even though the difficulties in this life are very real, also remember so also is the comfort of my presence. For in my presence there is fullness of joy, and you will surely find your rest.

I have spoken to you already, and have made myself known to you, and will continue to do so, time and time again. I will continue to walk with you in spite of your present circumstances, and you will come to know me intimately through it all. So do not be afraid, do not be alarmed, do not be dismayed, for I am with you in all these things, and even more. And the strength of our fellowship together will continue to strengthen and sustain you day after day, regardless what you will face.

For the joy of our relationship together will not only strengthen you, but will protect you too. I will protect you as you follow the guidance of the leadership of my spirit. So do not continue to walk in the ways of yesterday, for yesterday’s manna was for yesterday, but follow me day by day as I continue to speak to you, relate to you, and guide, inspire, and protect you.

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