Foreknowledge Of Things Yet To Come

Neil Vermillion —  October 25, 2016 — Leave a comment

I will instruct you not only by ideas and concepts, but also by experience. For there are mechanisms you will encounter specifically designed to awaken and activate your heart and your inner man. And though your conscious, rational mind is valuable, so also is your inner man, your heart of hearts. So I will not neglect your inner man, I will not neglect the issues of your heart, as I continue to reveal myself and my knowledge to you.

For I will take you by the hand, just as I have already, and continue to shepherd you through one experience after another. For though you feel in control, understand, I am navigating your course. I am directing your steps, and doing so in so many details you do not, and cannot perceive, nor appreciate. So surrender your desire to control and navigate. Surrender your false sense of security to be your own shepherd, and allow me to console you in the warmth of my presence. For in my presence you will experience fullness of joy that will be inexpressible to you. And in my presence you will also gain the revelation you desire and need.

There is no good thing I will withhold from you, even foreknowledge of things yet to come. I will train you and I will teach you, and you will see and know and understand. You will look at the horizon and possess not only vision, but also discernment and understanding too. For I will make the mysteries plain to you, so you can not only consume them, but enjoy, dissect, and command them too.

I will place your foot upon the solid ground, the place I have reserved solely for you. You will not stumble, nor will you waver, for you will know I put you there. Your feet will remain strong and steady, footed on the foundation I have reserved for you. And as you walk, you will observe the landscape and see my finger writing in the sand. You will see my fingerprints from times passed, and recognize the handiwork of where you are presently. You will see my footprints and know you are never alone, never forgotten, never neglected, and never, ever rejected.

You will come to know me, not just by your mind, but also by my spirit, and you will never be the same. For as you allow yourself to marinate and cook in the process of my experiences, my presence will continue to renew your heart and mind, as I transform you today. For I will touch you and you will know and receive and you will no longer doubt. And all these things will come, but they will come through experience, through reality, through the intangible, unexplainable, immeasurable, and unquantifiable.

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