Forget Your Failures And Activate What I’ve Place Within You

Neil Vermillion —  August 19, 2019 —  Comments

Though you have heard this before, though you have sown in faith believing in your heart, though you have waited and waited faithfully yet still have little to show for it, trust again. I am calling my people, those who know me and love me, to walk in the place of radical activation. Even though there have been delays and things seemed to have failed in the past, I am calling you to put those little obstacles away and look to the greater hope within you. I am calling you to forget your fears and failures, and remember the original vision set before you. (1)

I am calling you out of anonymity, in to the place of leadership and activation. I am calling you refine the skills you have acquired as I continue to activate all I have placed within you. According to your preparation, activation, and application, more will be given you. To whom much is given, much is required. The one given much, will be given even more if he remains faithful time and time again, even during times of uncertainty and times requiring sacrifice. (2)

Know this for sure, there is a very real price associated with the reward and the labor. The yes in your heart will cost you. You will be required to pay a price for all these things, for it will surely require a real investment. But also know my grace is upon you. I am with you to assist you, and enable you to say yes. Though it will cost much, and at times you will not want to surrender, follow, or obey, I will help you to say yes to my call, and rise to meet every challenge on every occasion. (3)

In this place of surrender to me you will be protected. The place of surrender will offer the greatest safety. As you draw yourself to me, this place of surrender will sustain you, rebuild you, and renew you time and time again. Though it will cost much, and require much from you, surrender to me will position you to receive things more fully, more completely, and more accurately. (4)

I will help you say yes to difficult assignments. I will help you and keep you on the straight and narrow, for I will surely protect you as I lead you to the pastures I have marked out for you. You will occupy and exercise dominion in these spaces, and no force, situation, nor obstacle will able to stand against you. (5)

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