Forgetting Lies And Misunderstandings

Neil Vermillion —  December 23, 2015 —  Comments

For I know where you have come from. And I know where you are headed. I know who you are. I know how you think. And I know your limits and hurts and fears. But in spite of all these things I am inviting you to come to me, and I will make all things new again. I will make your mind new. I will make your heart new. I will make your dreams and plans and hopes new again. And even your memories of the past, I will renew. I will redeem and restore all things, even things from your past that have already happened.

And in this invitation you will come to know me, but you will also encounter yourself as well. For you see yourself incorrectly. You know yourself incompletely. So I will draw you close to me, and as you advance you will also come to a place of revelation, not only of me, but of who you really are as I see you.

For in your error you do not see the landscape correctly. You see obstacles, hurts, mountains – all these things, and even more – as too big for you. You see things as being too difficult, impossible even. But as you walk with me, and understand who I am, you will also grow in your understanding of who you are, and as a result you will see the landscape very differently than you do presently.

For I will reveal myself in you, and you will come to understand you are a new creation. The old things have already passed away, and this reality will begin to manifest in your life more and more as time goes by. And you will see and you will experience, and then you will know. Your identity will shift and change and you will see yourself as my child, welcomed, loved, secure, and protected. You will see yourself as royalty.

You’ll no longer see yourself as a beggar. You will forget lies and misunderstandings you’ve picked up along the way – the things that have lead you to believe you are defeated, incompetent, unloved, undesirable, incapable. For all these things are the voice of the accuser, from the Father of Lies. And as you continue to grow in knowledge, love, and experience of me, you will more rightly discern what’s true and what is not true, especially regarding your royal identity.

And you will walk and abide in a place of safety and security, for you will know who I am, and you will know my heart for you. Your confidence will no longer lie in yourself, your strength, your wisdom, your own righteousness, but will lie in me. Your stability will be founded on who I am. So as you continually grow in your knowledge of me you will find yourself also growing in confidence, in boldness, in your desire to dare and dream and venture out.

For my love will empower you, and as you learn who you are in your union with me, no obstacle will seem too big, no mountain will see too high, no hurt will seem too painful. And as a result, you will dare and venture and accomplish and do. You will live and experience all I have for you, and nothing will be stolen, broken, or diminished, for you will prosper and you will possess the land of your inheritance I have in store for you.

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