Forgetting Your Folly

Neil Vermillion —  September 19, 2016 —  Comments

This is a critical time for you, a significant time for you. It is a season of growing past limits, especially the immature mindsets that you have outgrown. It is a day of putting away childish thinking, even though this way of thinking is all you have ever known. It is a day of putting away with small-minded thinking, even though you did not believe you were thinking small previously.

So allow yourself to receive my challenge. For my challenge will spur you on to greater growth. Allow yourself to receive my correction and instruction, for I will mend the weak areas and heal the broken and damaged areas. Allow yourself to receive my inspiration and agree with the call I’m revealing to you now, the call upon your life today, as well as the future too. Allow yourself to consume my wine, and drink in the joy of your salvation. Allow yourself to absorb all I have for you, even the confusion and ambiguity of not knowing exactly how and when everything is going to turn out for you.

For I am calling you to let go of the confines and constraints of what is known, and venture out into deeper things. Venture with me into the deeper realms that previously seemed too ominous. Venture with me into the realms beyond which you’ve traveled and experienced, and allow me to drag you higher and further than you are comfortable with. I have so much in store for you, so much I desire to give and reveal to you, yet you cling to the anchors of yesterday, as if they have any life remaining. I have so much abundance before you, yet you continue to fasten yourself to dead idols, as if they have anything of any value to offer you.

So let go of these trivial security blankets, the trinkets you used to need and depend upon, and allow me to remove the blindfold from around your eyes. For I will show you things you cannot fathom, things you could never invent, explain, or imagine. I will show you mysteries that will leave you staggered, speechless in awe and wonder. And through it all you will come to know me in greater detail as you experience my inexpressible power and immeasurable love for you. For my unwavering, relentless nature is far too vast for you to grasp, but as we travel together and explore the heights and wonder of it all you will also come to know my heart for you.

For in knowing my heart you will realize just how safe and secure you really are. As you come to know me more and more you will no longer look to your childish explanations, or the idols of your youth to save and preserve you. For as you see me as I am you will compare and know, and as you do, the foolishness of your former way of living and thinking will be exposed. And you will turn your back on the silly devices you were so zealous to protect, so enamored with their splendor, for in comparison to who I am these things will not even so much as cast a shadow.

So allow your heart’s guard to be penetrated as I speak to you. Allow the reality of my truth to touch your essence beyond your ego, beyond your intellect. Allow all that is eternal within you come to know, discover, and interface with me. And as you do, the very deep things within me will call out to the very deepest of the deep within you. And you will be so drawn to me, and your heart will remain alive. You will wonder how you could not have seen it before, how you could not have noticed it before. You will quickly, and instantly, forget your folly as your heart is awakened by my great, and unapologetic love for you.

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