The Foundation Constructed In Your Youth

Neil Vermillion —  July 13, 2017 — Leave a comment

As I continue to open up new realms of experience and encounter to you do not be overwhelmed. As you see the line between your boundaries of yesterday begin to fade and blur do not let your heart become anxious as though there is need for alarm. Understand those boundaries served a useful function and purpose in your youth, but now you have outgrown them. And in this place of growth you will encounter me without the need for influence of these training wheels, but will begin to experience and encounter me as I truly am.

In the absence of what you have previously known, do not fear. Do not be alarmed as you once again discover I am impossible to explain. Do not be bewildered as you see my nature unfold again and again, and done so in hilarious mystery, unable to be easily or logically managed or contained.

Make peace with the nature of who I am, with the fact I am altogether unique and there is no like me. Make peace with the reality that even as you gaze upon me and behold me, you will never entirely possess me or know me fully. Make peace with your limits and let go of the fears inspired by your desire to control. Let go of your inhibitions, for in me you will experience total freedom, expression, creativity, and fulfillment.

Wade in the water and continue to walk with me into the depths of the realms I have in store for you. Walk with me until you have lost the foundation constructed in your youth. Even though it was a good foundation in its day, even though it was functional and sufficient for that season, it has now become obsolete. You have outgrown that wineskin as I have continued to reveal layer after layer of who I am, and the reality of our union together in all things.

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