Freedom And Healing From Insecurities

Neil Vermillion —  August 30, 2018 —  Comments

This day I will shed my light upon your heart and emotions in order to give insights to understand your own insecurities. I will give you insights to see what you do not want to see, and to understand what you wish was not true. I will give you the ability to face things you would prefer to deny. I will supply you with the strength, but also the wisdom and discernment to see the truth, no matter how ugly it may be.

In acknowledging and facing these things you will not be put to shame, but will begin to release the control and influence of these issues over your heart, and in doing so allow yourself to grasp the fullness of the joy, peace, and confidence I have for you. Even though it will be uncomfortable, it will be good. Even though you will not always like what you see and learn, it will serve as a blessing to you, as you accept the truth that will set you free.

Be patient with yourself, though the road has already been long. Be patient, knowing this process will be worthwhile, and will afford you the security and stability that you not only desire, but that you desperately need. I see where you are, but I also see how to guide you, and to navigate your course for your growth and advancement. Trust in me, and trust in the process I have initiated and chosen for your life. Even though it will be cloudy and mysterious at times, even though it will seem slow and disorganized at times, know you are in the center of my attention and that all these things you are experiencing are for your good, your growth, your development, and your total liberation and healing.

Some of your insecurities have impact on you because you do not understand. They have power over you because you cannot grasp them fully, or because they seem to offer you the very thing you want or need. But as you allow my light of revelation to shine upon the issues of your heart, you will see the deception and understand how these insecurities offer nothing of value. You will see they offer nothing worthwhile, nothing to seek, nothing to retain or preserve. So do not turn your focus away from the light I am shining upon your path, for I will illuminate the very steps you need to take, in order to identify issues you need to address.

In doing so you will see and understand all the things you need to see and understand. In doing so you will discern what was previously confusing, and will apprehend answers and solutions to dilemmas you could not escape nor overcome. As you embrace this ugly truth, you will receive the keys to unlock the cages within your own heart, and will be set free from the influences of these insecurities.

However, some insecurities have power over you, not because you do not understand them, but because there is underlying hurt within your heart. There is pain within you that needs to be healed. So as I shine the light of revelation on these ugly truths, do not run away even though it will be uncomfortable. Do not run away, deny, nor avoid the truth as it is presented to you, for as we face it together I will bring the healing you need so you will be whole. My healing touch will erase the wounds, allowing you to manage your own mind and make your own choices, rather than the insecurities of your past inspiring and influencing your decisions and choices.

Through this process allow me to set you free from the influence of untruth, but also allow me to heal your hurt and brokenness too. You will abide more and more completely in the realm of my heart for you, rather than entertaining the torment and pain of the presence of these lies, deceptions, and contaminations. For in my heart there is love and acceptance. I offer security, and stability in all things for you. Every aspect of your life has been covered and will continue to grow, mature, and increase over time as you abide with me and follow my ways.

All I have for you will cause you to prosper and to do well, so do not be afraid to implement what I teach you, for it will bless you, and will make all things well with you. For I see all of these things and I know what ails you. I see what hurts you but I also see how to heal you. So embrace what I set before you and participate in my process, for in doing so, you will walk in greater understanding, but also greater wholeness as you abide in the joy, peace, and security I have for you.

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