Freedom From Habits From Your Former Way Of Living

Neil Vermillion —  November 10, 2015 —  Comments

As you come to know me more and more by my spirit, and less and less by means of your traditions you will come to experience the freedom I have in store for you. For there are habits, and mindsets, and traditions you hold on to that serve no real purpose, no greater good, yet you continue to uphold and preserve them. And as you allow me to highlight these ideas, these concepts, these traditions, and these mindsets you will find letting them go will spawn a greater, easier, more enjoyable way of life as you fellowship with me.

For you will be free from these shackles, free from these silly traditions, free from their influence and encumbrance. So allow me to shine the light of my truth upon these issues in your heart. For I will give you courage to choose. I will give you inspiration to try. I will give you vision to see a life without these silly devices, which will allow you to be more free.

And in this freedom you will find even more delight, even more peace, even more satisfaction. For you will encounter me in greater measure, not because I have changed, but because you are no longer holding on to the rubbish from your former way of living. So allow me to inspire you. Allow me to encourage you. Allow me to press and push you to discard this rubbish and embrace the greater way I have for you.

And I will give you courage to choose a life without the familiar. I will give you the strength to make that jump, the jump that seems as it will be to your peril though it will be to your liberty. I will supply you with the wisdom and discernment to know and understand. I will supply you will the understanding. Yes, I will supply you with everything you will ever need to be able to realize, actualize, and embody the freedom I’ve already given you.

For your freedom is my gift to you, and it’s already here for you. So allow me to shine the light of my truth upon your heart and you will see things afresh and anew, and you will come to grasp, enjoy, and embrace that which has already been given you as you discard the lies and traditions from your past. And you will surely be blessed as you strip away the dead weight and accept the freedom you already have. And in this understanding you will come to the revelation that you are already free having no need, or reason, to continue with these silly traditions, mindsets, and habits.

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