Freedom From Hurts, Pains, And Discomfort

Neil Vermillion —  April 15, 2016 —  Comments

There are so many issues presented before you in this hour of your life. And many of these issues will compel you to withdraw, to retreat, to give up because they are so hurtful and so personal to you. So allow me to speak into your life this very day, this very hour. For I have seen your hurts, and I have seen your weaknesses. I have sought you from afar, and have made myself close to you. And in this closeness we will share all things together – even those things you dislike, those things you want to hide and run away from.

For our fellowship together is not limited. Our sharing together is not reserved only for fun, enjoyable, and delightful times. We will share together in all things, and in doing so you will experience the greatness and vastness of my love for you time and time again. For my spirit will become more and more real to you as you continue to acknowledge your dependency on me. And it is in these difficult, and painful times you will realize your need for me most as we share them together.

So allow these issues to come to the surface. Do not retreat, do not give up, do not hide. For we will face all these things together and you will grow and we will overcome them all. And together we will experience the freedom from all these hurts and all these issues in your heart, mind, and circumstances. Though this process will be painful at times, we will be bonded together so closely nothing will drive us apart or be able to separate us. For you will experience my love and my graciousness again and again, in such amazing and extravagant ways – more than you can comprehend, or even contain.

In facing all these difficulties and sharing them together you will be equipped and humbled, able to love and serve those around you with greater effectiveness and humility. You have been created in love, for love, and in this place of love you will grow past the place of solely receiving, and will mature into the place of giving too. From this place of giving your joy will be complete for surely it is better to give than to receive.

And we will experience the joy of giving together, again and again, day after day, as we walk through all the hardships and pains along with the joys and thrills. You will walk and abide in freedom in every way, no longer remaining trapped or hindered by difficult issues. You will be free and capable, able to venture through unenjoyable circumstances with the same zeal you venture through enjoyable circumstances.

For you have been made free. I am working with you deliberately and strategically to help you to experience and realize this freedom – especially the freedom from hurts, pains, and discomfort.

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