My Freedom, Joy, And Peace

Neil Vermillion —  December 8, 2016 — Leave a comment

In the midst of your stress and struggle, allow me to be your refuge. When the weight of circumstances feels as though it is crushing you down, allow me to be your strength and rest. When you are pressed for answers and direction, but have none, allow my spirit to be your voice and your guide. For I will shepherd you, and will do so with great loving care and attention. For you are so very near and dear to my heart, and I will by no means cast you out.

So do not carry burdens too heavy for you to lift. Do not carry the weight of your own salvation. Do not carry the weight of being your own shepherd, but instead cast your cares on to me, and I will bring you to the green pastures, causing you to lie beside the still waters. And even in the middle of troubled times you will find your sanctuary, for I have provided it for you already. And you will come to know me, and know my rest, and nothing shall be able to take it from you.

So open your heart to me, and allow me to comfort you. Allow me to console your weary heart and offer the rest and security you need so desperately. For I know you are weak. I know you are made from dust. I know you are limited in your ways, so do not strive to control, or dominate, or navigate past what I have given you. But instead let go of these cares that weigh you down. Let go of the stress causing you so much pain, and anxiety. Let go of all these things you cannot control, and embrace the simplicity of trusting in me, in my plans, in my timing, and in my heart for you.

For in this place of trust you will remain secure. You will remain steadfast, rested, protected, and secure for I will give you what you need. I will supply you with what you lack, and in me you will find more than you ever thought possible. So come to me when you need me most, and allow me to speak to your heart directly. Do not turn me away, but open your heart and mind to me and allow me to take your heaviness, and exchange it for my freedom, joy, and peace.

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