Fulfillment In Ways You Cannot Imagine

Neil Vermillion —  October 9, 2015 —  Comments

For my plans are vast. They are so vast. And yet, though they are vast, there is so much room for individual detail. There is so much room for improvisation. There is room for you to play and experiment, and adapt and move within the boundaries. So allow my spirit to guide you. Hold on to things loosely as I adjust your mind, adjust your understanding, and adjust your timeline. And as you are open to receive all these things, I will speak life to where you are, in your present need, in your present shortcomings, in your present desperation.

For I have seen all these things since before the beginning. And I have always understood them all, again and again even before the beginning. And I am opening this up to you, allowing you to grasp small parts of my perspective that will allow you to join with me in greater union as I continue to accomplish all these details of my plans. And you will see where it is going, and you will cooperate with it. And it will delight you as you enjoy layer upon layer of joy, peace, and satisfaction in our adventure and thrill together.

For my plans and my promises will satisfy you. My will executed will satisfy you and fulfill you. My love, my presence, my essence will fulfill you in ways you cannot presently imagine. But you will come to this place of understanding and comprehension one day. You will enter into my courts and delight yourself fully and taste of my goodness that is beyond comprehension. And when you do, my joy, my peace, my glory, my love, my focus on you will fill you beyond your capacity to contain it or understand it all. You will be filled to overflowing and will not able to hold it all in.

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