The Full Expression Of The Truth Placed Within You Already

Neil Vermillion —  June 13, 2017 — Leave a comment

Even now I am forcing you to move in new directions, in ways you have longed for, but haven’t been able to fully possess in the past. And now, you have been made ready. So continue to trust me as I speak to you in new ways, but also as I continue to guide you into new directions. For the newness set before you will look both startling and alarming to you. It will seem familiar, yet foreign at the same time. The new directions in store for you will uncover presumptions of things within your own heart and mind that have previously managed to exist and operate without detection. But as I force you forward you will begin to uncover these presumptions little by little, and will be alarmed and surprised at what I reveal to you.

As you walk with me, trust me. I will guide you and remain with you, and we will face all these presumptions together. We will uncover and dismantle what is untrue, and will strengthen and fortify what is. We will not hide from problems, but will face them directly. And as we face them, you will find I have already equipped you with all you need to overcome them. In this examination and revelation, you will find the truth and manifestation of your liberation, if you are willing to face and embrace it.

Walk with me in confidence knowing I am with you. Walk with me, knowing your confidence is not in yourself, not in your own abilities, not even your own ability to hear or to follow, but in me. Your confidence lies in me, and no one else, and nothing else.

And as you lay to rest the idol of self performance you will see what I have for you is good and righteous, and is simple, light and easy. For I have taken the complicated and made it accessible to you. I have taken what is heavy and lifted it on your behalf. I have taken what is difficult and worrisome, and given you my peace.

So enjoy this process and accept all the newness I have for you. As you do, you will embody the full expression of the truth placed within you already.

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