Your Full Potential Before You Today

Neil Vermillion —  August 23, 2016 —  Comments

As you continue to sit with me, and continue to know me as I am, I will continue to reveal your true self to you. As you see me as I am, I will show you the way I see you. And as this process takes place you will begin to see yourself differently, more and more closely to the way I see you. You will see yourself the way I see you, and you will begin to see your true identity with more and more precision, clarity, and focus.

And with this understanding of who you really are, your priorities will change. Your goals will change, your desires will change, your thinking will change, your hope will change, your security and stability will change. All these things will change as you begin to really and truly grasp who I have made you to be. As you accept the person I have declared you to be your obstacles will look different to you, and you will not fear. As you accept the reality of who I have created you to be, your selfish and immature thoughts will begin to fade, and your focus will shift from yourself to those around you.

For I will grant you perspective to see beyond your preferences. I will grant you observation to be able to see beyond your little sphere, and in doing so you will grow in empathy, kindness, thoughtfulness, and compassion towards others. For as you experience my love for you, your heart will be changed and your mind will be transformed. And as you see the world through the prescription of my lens you will see and interact very differently with those around about you.

So allow me to adjust your vision, and your understanding, and your concept. Allow me to meddle in the issues of your heart so I may liberate you from the debris you have collected over time. Allow me to heal you. Allow me to help you. Allow me to correct you. Allow me to love you. For in doing so you will be changed and transformed, moving past your limits of yesterday to the full potential of what’s before you today.

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