Full Satisfaction Of our Relationship And Union Together

Neil Vermillion —  March 24, 2017 — Leave a comment

As you come to me, and walk with me, surely we will face all your fears together. Even though you walk through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death there is no need for concern, fear, or alarm, for I am with you. So walk with me, and as you see conflicts and obstacles present themselves before you do not worry or fear, for surely they will come. But as they come we will encounter them together and we will overcome them all.

For some obstacles you encounter present lessons to be learned. I am continually guiding you, governing your path, and helping you along the way step by step. And as this happens I will bring to you the lessons you need to learn. I am so committed to your growth and development. I am so excited to see you grow and flourish and for the fruit of the seeds planted within you continue to grow and mature. So do not fear, do not resist, do not avoid the lessons presented before you this day, or tomorrow, for these things have been given you by design, with an intended purpose, even though they initially appear unpleasant and unpalatable.

Some obstacles present opportunities to grow in strength. I am building you, pruning you, strengthening you, and growing you through very real and meaningful experiences and encounters. Some of these will come through relationships, both good and bad. Some of these will come through circumstances, both good and bad. Some of these will come through mysteries and challenges, both good and bad. And as such, you will not always fully understand and know all you learning and absorbing in the moment, so trust I am giving you what you need, in one way or another, and do not flee from the opportunities you need in order to grow in your strength.

Some obstacles present opportunities to enhance your skill, for you will not master a thing instantly. You will not learn the finer points, the little details, the subtle nuances of excellence quickly. So allow me to guide you in your path of development as I bring you through one lesson after another in order to expand your capacity to learn from me. For even though you will walk through these things, I am the one speaking to you. I am the one guiding you. I am the one teaching and instructing you. And through this process, governed by my hand, I will give you the skill you need in order to thrive, to conquer and possess, to advance and prosper, and will do so gently, deliberately, and strategically.

So understand, I am pruning you, teaching you, guiding you, and strengthening you in order for you to be more productive and in order to be more fruitful. So with these things in mind, do not fear, do not worry, do not hesitate as you see and encounter trials, obstacles, hardships, and fears. For we will face them all together, one by one, and we will grow past them, and walk in the full satisfaction of the relationship of our union together.

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