The Fullness And Maturity Of Tomorrow

Neil Vermillion —  November 28, 2016 —  Comments

Do not despise the days of small beginnings. For though you start small you will not remain small as you continue and remain faithful to the process and path I have set before you. You will grow, increase, learn, and develop as I continue to guide and instruct you day after day. And though you may feel weak and incompetent in the beginning, do not be discouraged, for you will be delighted and amazed as you see the work we will accomplish together over the course of time.

For I will guide you with precision. I will develop your skills and talent. I will bring you through one experience after another, and you will not remain the same. You will not flounder around in futility, though at times it will seem this way to you. For I will synthesize the lessons you need to absorb and process as I continue to make one deposit after another as I continue working you, your heart, your mind, your body, your circumstances, and all that is within you.

And as you walk with me you will begin to learn to hear my voice differently than you have in your past. Your dependence on me will be emphasized as you move in faith, beyond mere intellectual concepts, as you begin to practice and apply the lessons set before you.

And though you will encounter challenges at times, you will enjoy the process. Though it will be costly at times, in many different ways, the reward waiting for you will far surpass your expense and expectations. So though difficult at times, do not lose heart, and do not discount the place from where you have started. For though small in the beginning, your finish and reward in me, with me, will be anything but insignificant.

So continue to open your heart to the subtleties of my spirit and do not allow your heart to grow cold. Do not be downcast, do not assess your present situation as if it is permanent and will never change. For I am moving you, guiding you, growing you, even pruning you, to bring you past today, into the fullness and maturity of tomorrow.

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