My Generous Nature Towards You

Neil Vermillion —  August 2, 2016 —  Comments

As you experience me more and more you will come to know my generosity more and more. You encounter me, but do so with a limited perception. You encounter me, but do not fully grasp or comprehend all that is available to you. As you experience me again and again you will begin to see my nature more closely and will understand the generosity of my heart in greater detail than you have recently.

You have seen me from a distance and have made presumptions about me. You have judged me incorrectly. You have misunderstood me, and misunderstood my motives. But all these things will be corrected as you sit with me, work with me, talk with me, listen to me, and walk with me. For you will come to know me very differently than you previously thought you would. In places of duress and pressure you will interact with me very differently than your times of rest and peace, and you will be so very surprised as you do. As you encounter my heart and my nature, you will gradually see through the fog of your confusion as I continue to highlight the purposes and plans I am working in you, and through you.

As you continue to walk by my side, and as you continue to glean the nuggets handed to you day after day, your observation and understanding of my generous nature will grow in clarity and accuracy. You will no longer perceive me as shallow or stingy. You will no longer perceive me to as weak or incapable. You will no longer perceive me as frail, incompetent, or impotent, but will see my generosity as one of the many attributes of my strength, glory, power, and majesty.

As you do, surely you will marvel and enjoy it all, for my nature and my riches are so much more vast than you have ever thought. My nature and my heart for you is so much greater than you could ever fully comprehend, or even imagine. My heart for you is so much greater than you could ever fathom, more than you could ever measure, more than you could ever perceive.

But my generous nature towards you will surprise and delight you. My generous nature will surpass your preconceived notions, regardless how large they may be already. My generous nature will astonish and amaze you, and you will be offended by it if you are not open to see it for what it is. My generous nature will provoke your sense of duty, justice, and morality. My generous nature will provoke your curiosity and compel you to explore, inquire, and investigate. And in doing so, you will awaken a greater adventure in your life than you ever would have anticipated.

You will have serendipitously discovered a greater adventure worthy of more than the mere goals you pursue presently. And this greater pursuit will be spawned and awakened by the encounters and understanding of my generosity. For my extravagant generosity is more than ridiculous. My extravagant generosity will supply you with hope, love, courage, and imagination to endeavor and dream again and again, day after day, in spite of failure, mistakes, delays, or disappointments.

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