Getting Closer To Each Other In Days Yet To Come

Neil Vermillion —  December 10, 2018 —  Comments

In this day we will begin to come closer to each other. Day by day we will move our hearts closer together than in days past. And for those willing to understand me, and to understand my ways, we will know the great heights of personal and intimate closeness, even the closeness your heart is crying out for. It is my desire to be known, and my desire to reveal myself to you. It is my desire that you are known by me, and from this place of knowing, I will reveal not only my heart, but also my plans. I will reveal my plans for what I am doing now, and also what I will be doing very soon in the days and weeks yet to come. (1)

I am looking for those who are willing to come away with me, and abandon themselves unto me, and forget the worries and cares of this world, along with its many distractions and worthless pursuits. I am looking to reward those who will show themselves to be faithful on my behalf, and to help those who have determined in their hearts to be faithful and obedient. (2)

My grace will go forth and surround you with my presence, my motivation, and my perspective to help enable you to see and understand all that is happening in this moment – even what is yet to come. Even this day the trumpet is sounding. It is time to align yourself, align your household, and align your resources fully without wavering. It is a time to align all you can and prepare yourselves for battle and for flight, for the day of expanse will come, but it will not come easy. (3)

And though I am with you, there will still be much learning required of you, and much preparation in store for you. In this time of preparation you will reflect on lessons learned and reflect on struggles of your past and see the progress you’ve made. It is a time of gratitude to see where you’ve come from, but also a time to understand you are on a good path, and advancing at a good pace, though it feels slow and pointless at times. (4)

It is a time to give thanks for past victories as you take time to prepare for future battles. It is a time to give thanks for plans of the future, knowing they are good, and will unfold before your eyes at the appointed time. This time of reflection will be time well spent. It is a time of adding another layer to your foundation which will help to sustain you in the days yet to come, giving not only revelation but also appreciation, of where you’ve come from, who I am, and all I am doing. (5)

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(4) Matthew 28:20, Hosea 10:12, Revelation 3:20
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