What I Have Given You Is Even Greater

Neil Vermillion —  January 4, 2017 —  Comments

Though there may difficulty and trials, do not shrink back. Though there may be obstacles along your path, do not think you have taken the wrong path. Though there may be delays or resistance, do not think this is the wrong season for you. For these things will all come, but what I have given you, and what I am continually giving and renewing within you, is even greater. So do not be confused as you see trials, obstacles, or delays along the way, but understand they are all valuable pieces to your individual process and journey.

Even as you see stress and turmoil in your relationships, do not think you are in error, but listen to my still, small voice as I whisper in your ear, guiding you, directing you, and inspiring you. For I will never leave you, and when you need me most I will be there for you. When you feel lost and confused I will bring the answer you need, though you may not recognize it initially. But as you continue to listen to my spirit, follow my voice, and learn of my ways, you will begin to recognize, not only my signature, but my specific revelation too.

You will begin see from a place of perspective, no longer making assessments from confusion. And it will all begin to make sense and you will discern. And as you discern you will understand, and the answers you need will be made plain to you. So do not consider yourself in error simply because of resistance, but know I am teaching you, training you, helping you, and increasing you.

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