Giving You The Gift And Grace To Overcome All Your Hurts

Neil Vermillion —  October 29, 2018 —  Comments

Even though things in this world may now be difficult, today I have released my love for those who are hurting. I am calling you close to my side, to rest in my shade, and restore your soul in my presence. For surely I have seen your tears and felt your heart ache, even in times of secret, in times when no one was around, I saw the disappointments, offenses, and hurts. (1)

And still, even in these times, I was with you. I never left you, and still, even in these times, I have collected them all, and noticed even the smallest of little details. (2)

But also know I have given you compassion that will surpass your offenses. As you have been forgiven, so you shall forgive those that have hurt you, mistreated you, forgotten you, and neglected you. My compassion will flow into you, and your hurts will be no more. They will be washed away in the sea of forgetfulness, never to be remembered again. (3)

This is my gift to you, to be able to make peace with the things of your past. It is my gift to you so you can walk and abide in joy and peace all the days of your life. I am giving you the gift and grace to overcome all your hurts, and to overcome all your failures of the past. (4)

Even though there has been hardship, disappointment, and discouragement, surely my grace, love, and forgiveness is greater than these. And as you come to know me and experience me I will be your great reward despite any hardship, disappointment, or discouragement. (5)

So come close to me. Look to your future. Release your offenses. Celebrate today as you walk in total freedom and embrace your restoration. (6)

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