It Is My Glory That You Bear Much Fruit

Neil Vermillion —  August 14, 2017 —  Comments

I have set you apart already and put my stamp upon you(1). And I have marked you as my own, for you do not belong to yourself, for you were bought at a price and now you belong to me(2). So I have marked you, and identified myself with you. And let me tell you I am not ashamed to call you my brother(3). For through my work and through my blood I have redeemed you and restored what was once broken(4). So do not look to the past, nor to conventional or cultural wisdom, as any kind of indicator of my plans for your life. For what I have for you is completely and entirely different.

What I have for you is different than what your neighbor would have for you, so do not listen to his voice. My will for your life is entirely different than what you would conceive for yourself, so do not lean on your own understanding(5). What I have for you is so much greater, so much more glorious and different than you can fully understand or perceive in this moment(6). So do not presume to know or understand that which has not been revealed yet(7). Do not be discouraged or overwhelmed, but remain patient as I continue to unfold the layers and details of all I am doing in you, and through you(8).

For though you feel insignificant in many ways, know you are not. Know I have created you, fashioned you, and purposed you for glory(9), for relationship(10), for love(11), and for accomplishment(12). So do not feel as though you, or your contribution, is insignificant, for it is not, but understand your significance and context of understanding will only be found in me, with me.

You will not function or understand apart from me, for apart from me you can do nothing(13). But as you remain in me, and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be given you. This is to my glory that you bear much fruit showing yourselves to be my followers, my children, my disciples(14).

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