The Good News Of What I Offer

Neil Vermillion —  August 31, 2016 —  Comments

In your weakness I will be your strength. When you are discouraged I will be your hope. When you feel defeated I will be your victory. When you are tired and spent I will be your endurance and strength. When you are overwhelmed I will be your perspective. When you are exasperated I will be your peace. For in all these things my strength will be made known to you and through you, for in your weakness I will be strong.

So do not consider yourself as hopeless. Do not consider yourself disqualified, for I have qualified you already. Do not consider your talents, skills, and strength as insufficient, for I will bring about all you need, and will do so in such a generous manner you will be utterly astonished and amazed.

And as you wait patiently I will also wait with you. As you hope for tomorrow I will also hope with you. As you grieve with heartache, I will also grieve with you. For I am so much nearer that you realize. I am so much closer than you perceive or understand. I am so near to you, even this very moment, so do not consider your yourself as forgotten.

For I have not left you as orphans, but have adopted you as my children. You have not been put aside, but have been welcomed, acknowledged and accepted. You have not been neglected, but have been received into my arms. You have been fully and completely accepted, having no judgement, no criticism, no accusation or condemnation against you.

So celebrate this moment. Celebrate where you are, though you will find it imperfect in some way. Celebrate what I have given you, though you will not understand or fully comprehend it all. Celebrate who you are, who I have made you to be, though you only see yourself partially from the lens of your own personal bias. For all these imperfections are but temporary. They are all but drivel and irrelevant in comparison to the great redemption I have done in you and through you.

So celebrate my will and my plans for your life, even this day, though in many ways it has not fully matured. For in doing so you will multiply your joy and divide your sorrow. And you will abide with me in the peace that cannot be taken from you. You will see the world through my eyes and will assess yourself, and everything else, very differently. So celebrate today. Celebrate today and continue to celebrate through tomorrow. For the good news of what I offer you is too good to wait.

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