My Good Plans For Your Life

Neil Vermillion —  September 23, 2016 —  Comments

In this day of birthing forth the vision I’ve instilled within you, do not be afraid to break past traditional norms. For as I continue to inspire you to move forward I will also inspire you to innovate and invent. And in doing so you will break new ground. You will adopt new ideas and attitudes. You will implement new strategies, new innovations, and new improvements. So with this in mind do not be afraid to break the rules and move into the ground I have reserved for you.

For in this way I am stretching you, pushing you, pulling you into the realms I have called you to occupy. And my spirit will not only guide you, but will inspire you to take the new ground, in the realms I have called for you to personally occupy. I will press you to advance, but I will also show you how. I will press you to grow, but I will instruct you along the way. And you will see it come to pass, your heart’s desires begin to manifest before you. And you will taste of the goodness of my plans conceived within the most tender regions of my heart, and you will know I am Love, and there is no one like me.

As you continue to grow, the time spent in preparation will become evident. Your heart will remain steady, as your eyes continue to gaze upon the good life I will bring to your very doorstep. For I have worked with you since before the beginning. I have always known the end, and have always had it in mind, even since before you ever came into being. Like my plans for you, you were born from the depths of love from within my heart. And the immeasurable goodness of it all will wash away your doubts, hurts, fears, and disappointments, and you will remember them no more.

For you will see how my hand has been with you always. You will see my fingerprints on every page of the book of your life. You will recognize my handwriting and will know me as your author and orchestrator. And your heart will acknowledge the experiences you have encountered and how they have shaped you, trained you, and prepared you for today as well as for what is yet to come.

As you continue to ponder the details of this glorious mystery still being fully revealed, your heart will become softened, your hope will become enlarged, your joy will be increased, and your well being will be abundant in every way. So be encouraged, My Dearly Beloved, as you allow me to inspire innovation and true growth in your life. Be bold in the knowledge that I am with you, governing you, pressing you, and pulling your circumstances to continue to accomplish my good plans for your life.

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