The Good Timing Of My Plans

Neil Vermillion —  July 27, 2016 —  Comments

As you see the storms on the horizon, and you observe the turmoil in your streets and in your cities, allow me to offer my comfort to you. Allow me to speak to your heart and calm the storms raging in your own mind. Allow me to speak to your circumstances and offer perspective of timing to interpret and understand the days in which you live. Allow me to offer the peace you need in order to sustain your current path, for the night is long, but surely your joy will come in the morning.

Allow me to reveal my timing to you, for with this you will be equipped to respond with poise and perspective. With this you will be able to interact effectively, no longer being tossed about on the waves of fear, confusion, and doubt. Allow me to open your mind to the sequence of not only events, but also cultural shifts and changes, as one tide gives way to the next. Allow me to guide you in the understanding of the diet of the day, understanding the social reactions, understanding the outcomes of hate, fear, and violence held within your human hearts.

And as I reveal all these things, and you begin to embrace and understand them, you will find your comfort. You will discover my foundation on which to build your hope. You will discover my arrow pointing you in the right direction. You will discover my light that shines so brightly when the darkness around you seems to be so strong and so pervasive. Allow me to continue to comfort you by offering my revelation and understanding to you. For you will see, and then understand. You will know, and then take action. You will hear, and then know the end from the beginning, and perceive the interim as part of the many pieces already orchestrated together.

Allow me to continue to comfort you with my surety and stability of understanding the timing of it all. For my timing, though mysterious and elusive from the outside observer’s perspective, will ignite the full spectrum of excitement and anticipation. For as you observe my hand at work, and as you discern my plans begin to emerge you will know the time is near. As you continue to grow in understanding my ways, you will also surely begin to receive what I am saying to you this day regarding my timing. For my timing will marvel and amaze you. My timing will astonish you. My timing will surprise and delight, even those who do not desire to know or understand.

For the events of this day will surely begin to call out to me, and those with no ears will begin to perceive the call. For this is the hour at hand, and surely it is obvious, even to those who do not have eyes to see. And as these events continue to unfold, one after another, you will find your place in the center of my rest as I continue to reveal not only the results of my plans, but the good timing of them as well.

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