Grace To Overcome Limits And Obstructions

Neil Vermillion —  October 21, 2016 —  Comments

I will break open the walls that have held you back from understanding. I will break open the dam that has held you back from drinking. I will break open the lines of communication so you will hear like you’ve not heard before. I will open your sight so you will see and know. And in your knowing you will forget how to doubt. For as you see and absorb these things I will also grant you the capacity to understand, so you will not merely possess a thing, but fully comprehend it as well.

So now I am speaking plainly to you, so you can see and understand. I am making these days direct and plain, so you will come to know what I have for you. And though there have been days of fog, haze, and confusion, these days are not your portion, for I will continue to reveal my will and my heart to you, my Chosen One. In doing so you will know me more personally than you thought possible. For I have removed the blindfold from around your eyes. I have removed the obstruction to your comprehension. And you will know and you will see, and together we will walk and abide in friendship and fellowship together.

You will no longer forget my voice, but will be inspired to receive it. You will no longer cast your gaze upon distractions, but will focus on my face, as you rest in the shadow of my wing. And your heart will be free and you will carry no hurt, no sorrow, no pain. I will speak to you clearly and plainly and you will come to see me as I am, understanding me as I am, accepting me as I am.

And though this will be challenging for you it will also be rewarding for you too. My grace will enable you to overcome the limits and obstructions in your own heart and mind that hinder your capacity to receive my perfect love for you. And in this process you will enjoy and delight yourself in the fellowship of my presence. For there will be singing and laughter and you will by no means worry or fear. So allow me to continue to open my heart to you, that you may know me, and know me as a truly am.

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