Grace To Embrace Teaching

Neil Vermillion —  March 21, 2019 —  Comments

While I have given my grace to receive correction and my grace to love discipline know I have also given my grace to embrace teaching. I am helping you learn the valuable lessons you need to learn to help prepare you for the days ahead. Many of you seek the place of familiarity and comfort. Many of you want truth to conform to your own ideas and your own feelings. And for these reasons many reject even obvious truth. Still others are deceived, blinded not only by their own desires, but also by the traditions of man, by the lies from the enemy, and by false wisdom masquerading itself as truth. (1)

But I have extended my hand to help. I have given my grace to receive new truths and new mindsets without rejecting them. I am helping you break free from lies and deception. I am helping you break free from things passed down through the generations. I have done these things because I love you. So as you seek, know you will find the answers as you continue to seek. The seeking will require deliberate effort. Truth will not simply fall into your lap, or hunt you down to find you and overtake you. But if you are faithful to knock, the doors will be opened to you in this season. If you are faithful to search, you will definitely find all you are searching for. I desire to bring you in to the light and bring you in to the fullness of all I have for you. (2)

There is much in store for you in the days ahead. There will be challenges and hardships, but there will also be days of great wonder, great glory, and great fulfillment as well. So as these birth pains will surely continue to increase, they will only escalate and get stronger and stronger – both for the good as well as the bad, until the great and terrible day comes, ready or not. (3)

I have given you my grace to allow you to close the gaps, to empower you, and to assist you in your areas and times of need. You will make peace with areas of past struggles as you receive the seed of truth and become able to overcome them all. As you receive these seeds you will come to know the truth, and the truth will make you free. You will no longer spit out the seeds I have given you, but will receive them and allow them to grow and bear fruit in your life. As you continue to embrace truth, and drink deeply from the knowledge and revelation I am making available to you, you will see yourself walk in more and more victory, progressing from glory to glory. (4)

The hindrances, obstacles, and challenges of the day will still be present, but you will overcome them. You will go around, through, over, or under each of them, and nothing will stop you. In the past these obstacles prevented you from advancing, but no longer. I have given you my grace to fully receive and comprehend my teaching, allowing you to walk and abide in greater understanding. These days will continue, and will not come to a quick end, if you remain faithful. (5)

So if you have questions, ask. If you do not understand, ask. If you desire to have more wisdom, ask. If you want to know more about yourself, about situations, about circumstances, about your future, about your past – whatever it is – ask! Ask of me, and I will bring you to the truth and place of greater understanding. I do not desire for you to remain in the confusion, deception, misunderstanding, or ignorance but to walk in the light as I am in the light. So embrace the grace to embrace new teaching and understanding, which I have already given you for this hour.

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