Grace To Love Discipline

Neil Vermillion —  March 20, 2019 —  Comments

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I have given you my grace to receive discipline. It is not in your nature to receive discipline with joy for many of you. My discipline will give you hope and a brighter future, so while you may not enjoy receiving it, my discipline will encourage and enable you to succeed with joy in all you do. Even though you may feel inadequate, or incompetent, my discipline will give rise to your ability to advance, conquer, and complete all I put before you. (1)

My discipline will be great. My discipline will be strong in your life. My discipline will give you the ability to persevere when you have no reason to continue or keep going. In the upcoming days of adversity my discipline will allow you to overcome. Many will be amazed, and many will be surprised to see you walking in victory despite the many hardships happening around about you all at once. This manifest victory despite hardships will be my light shining to a dark and desperate world. My discipline will be a vessel through which my light and glory will shine to those hurting, those in need of help, and those in need of hope. (2)

The hopeless have been abandoned and forgotten for too long. Their hardship has been unnecessary and unjustified. So I will be coming to them directly and raising them up. I am going to do this through the hands, feet, and mouth of my body, for my body has been trained for these very difficult days. (3)

My body has been prepared, and my body has been equipped with all it will need to accomplish the task yet to come. In this time of not knowing how tomorrow will turn out, my body will know how to behave and how to respond. I have given my body ears to hear, and I have given my body eyes to see. My body will recognize and know the aroma of my work and be able to discern the direction I am heading. Even though darkness will be pervasive, my body will be able to pierce the darkness and move through it and around it with gentle ease, graceful power, and undeniable success. (4)

As the days of trouble, stress, and even destruction are quickly approaching, know my grace is upon you to receive my discipline. Know my discipline will enable you to discern how to respond and how to follow me fully in all my ways. As you see challenges continually presented to you, remember I am with you always, and my grace goes before you to equip you for success. You are my Beloved. You are my Overcomers. You are my hands and feet. You are my body through which all these great and wondrous things will be done. Together we will see the light shine to the very darkest of places in the most darkest of times, and will impact hearts as we inspire joy. (5)

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