Grace To Make Mistakes

Neil Vermillion —  June 17, 2015 —  Comments

Though you are often pressed past your comfort zone, and you feel as though you cannot keep up, trust in me. For in these days I am moving you faster than you would choose to go. I’m advancing you at a pace quicker than you would choose for yourself. So allow yourself to get in over your head, and allow yourself to not do everything perfectly the first time. For you are in a season of advancement and a season of growth. So it’s not reasonable to expect to be completely comfortable or to always have all the right answers at every turn.

You’re in a point of learning and expanding. And with this comes the uncomfortable and difficult aspect of the learning curve. Because you’re taking new ground and increasing in what I’ve already given you, it’s normal to expect mistakes and some growing pains. So don’t allow these minor inconveniences, these minor hiccups to discourage you, or stop you from moving forward with what I’ve put before you in this season.

For though it is uncomfortable to you, even embarrassing and humiliating in some ways, understand this is all part of the process. And this is all part of the current season I have you in right now. So though you may not completely enjoy it, accept it and embrace it. For this is a good season for you, and it is a necessary season for you. You’re going to make it through this season as you grow and build on what you’re learning and experiencing now.

So trust in me. Trust in my leadership. Trust in my process. Trust in my timing. And with all these things remember, everything will work out for your good, because you’ve been called and chosen by me. And all these things will seem but temporary in the bigger scheme of things. So allow yourself the freedom to advance and pursue what I’ve given you, regardless of discomfort and regardless of mistakes.

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