Grace To Receive Correction

Neil Vermillion —  March 19, 2019 —  Comments

In these days of reminding you of my grace upon your life and circumstances I am also highlighting my grace to receive correction. Even though you may not enjoy correction, it is necessary. And though you may not enjoy it, correction is good for you, and will enable you to reach your destination and finish your race. While it may be difficult, know I am correcting you because I love you, because I care about you, and because I want to see you succeed with the things presented before you. While it is uncomfortable, know it is good. In this time of receiving correction I will be reminding you of the grace already given you to help you endure and finish strong. (1)

I have given you grace to receive hard lessons and understand what you need to learn in order to refine the issues of your heart, mind, and circumstances. While many of you have asked, “why does this take so long” and “why now?”, trust I am aware of the timing and know what is best. As you continue to see new challenges, and continually be confronted with new things to handle, trust I am not testing you above what you can bear, but will also make a way out so you can stand up under it all. (2)

For my plans are not to crush you, but to liberate you. My plans are not to delay you, but to prepare you. The pressures and challenges, though difficult, will set you up in preparation to win. They will set you up to succeed and walk in victory. The challenges and corrections of the day will allow you to become all I have designed you to be, and do all I have designed you to do. I desire to shine my light through you to others. So remember as a bright light, I will also polish you in order to make you even more effective, though you may not enjoy the process of the polishing. (3)

Trust the lessons you are learning are not for nothing, they are not being wasted, but are working together for your good, to reveal a glory within you still hidden. I am with you every step of the way, and I am helping you, empowering you with my grace, and encouraging you day by day, even minute by minute. (4)

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