Grace To Say Yes To Intimacy

Neil Vermillion —  April 29, 2019 —  Comments

This day I am giving you the gift of knowing me through your time in prayer. This gift will be a remarkable source of knowledge, perspective, and hope for you as you continue to pray faithfully over time. Some of you have only dabbled in prayer. Some have only just tasted the goodness from this fountain I have made available to you. Others have gone deeper, and enjoyed the fruits of doing so. But regardless of your experience, there is still so much more available to you. (1)

I am calling you to a place of greater intimacy and knowing me more purely, face to face, with no veil between us, no hindrance, diversion, or distraction. Through this time together I will transform you. Through your time spent absorbing, hearing, and receiving all I have for you, your heart and mind will be transformed, particularly the subtle, non-conscious manners in which you think and feel. (2)

I will communicate with you, and I make myself known to you by my spirit. This time spent together is very near and dear to me, because I want you to know me. I want to reveal myself to you, and no longer want to remain in the distance, out of your sight, or out of your mind. (3)

There is a great fulfillment, strength, and clarity available to you as we continue to draw our hearts closer together. All the shadows and obstructions that cloud your vision will be dealt with. The things blocking your progress, hindering your understanding, or delaying your maturity will all come to surface. As they do, we will deal with them one by one. My grace and mercy will be with you in this process to assist you and keep you safe, on the straight and narrow. I will surely help you along the way. (4)

While the thought of this may scare you at first, know it will not be a scary occurrence at all. In fact, it will be quite comforting – especially as you become more and more free from your worthless idols, especially the idols you are completely unaware of.

In this time of growing together in greater intimacy through prayer, my grace will continue to be upon you allowing you to say yes to all I reveal to you. The many issues of your heart and past will need to be dealt with, but do not worry nor fear this, because dealing with these things will allow you to manifest the complete freedom already afforded you. I will sustain you through this process. Even though you do not understand it, know I will guide you through it minute by minute, and day by day. (5)

So come away with me, and let us continue to grow closer together. Let us make time to sit together and share together. For I am standing outside your door knocking, waiting for you to open the door so I may come in. And when I do, we will sit, eat, and share together, and the communion and fellowship together will satisfy us both. (6)

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