Grace To Surpass Previous Limits And Boundaries

Neil Vermillion —  March 22, 2019 —  Comments

As you are faithful in receiving the new things I am teaching, I am also equipping you with my grace to surpass the limits of your past. As you break free from influence of lies, and break free from the influence of your previously held mindsets you will surpass the limits that have previously held you back. Some of the limits served their purpose in that season, but it is not my will for you to remain limited, and to stay where you are presently. It is my desire to set you free in every area of your life, so you can be, believe, and achieve all I have in store for you, and to be free to help others as well. It is for freedom my son died for you, to set you free and keep you free. (1)

While the new waters and uncharted territory will be unfamiliar and introduce a certain element of uncertainty do not worry about navigating the course. For my spirit will go before you and set you on the path of your destiny and work in circumstances to orchestrate the timing. As you continue to say yes, and follow me, you will see my hand working on your behalf to accomplish all these things according to my will. As you have received my truth, surely your eyes will be opened and you will recognize things you did not recognize in the past. As you observe your present landscape your faith will grow, your spirit will grow, your joy, hope, and perseverance will grow as you begin to see what you could not previously see, and understand what you previously could not understand. (2)

The obstacles and limiting factors from your past will begin to seem so small. They will no longer look like the mountains you once perceived them to be, but will now be seen as small hills. You will see your present landscape from my perspective and will interpret it in comparison to the God you know, love, and serve. As a result, your heart will become alive in confidence and your mind will become alive with possibilities, thus previously perceived impossible obstacles will now be perceived as truly small. (3)

Over time, as the effects of this new paradigm continue to not only manifest, but also grow and increase, the limits and things that have held you bound in the past will fade away. They will all fade away, and over time, eventually be forgotten, remembered no more. As you continue to seek me and follow me, you will see it come the pass the days of your greatest desires being fulfilled as you overcome what was once thought impossible, and possess what was once thought unattainable. (4)

There will be a great transformation through all of this. Your desires, plans, mindsets, and hearts will most definitely be transformed as you abide in the revelation of who I am, what I have in store for you, and the true accessibility of the victory over impossible limits. There is greatness planted deep within you – the greatness of eternal destiny – and this is what I desire to refine, awaken, nurture, activate, and develop in your life. (5)

I am moving forward to execute my plans on the Earth, to awaken my bride, and refine her heart so she will be ready, and know she is ready, free of wrinkles, spots, or blemishes. As you see these days quickly approaching, remember, I am here for you, with you to help you each step, helping you surpass your limits, bringing you to the place of fulfillment, completion, and satisfaction. (6)

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