The Grand Redemption Of What Has Been Broken

Neil Vermillion —  May 23, 2016 —  Comments

There is sorrow in the heart, but it will not remain. There is heartache before you today, but it will not remain. For though sorrow may last for the night, your joy comes in the morning, and I will restore all these things in your life that have been broken, stolen, or damaged. It is for my good pleasure all this will be made manifest. For it is my heart and my nature to not only create, but also to restore and repair what has been damaged. So though you experience loss and brokenness, understand I will redeem and make all things new.

So allow yourself to grieve, but do not hold on to it. Allow yourself to experience the loss, but understand this loss is temporary for there is fullness in store for you. Appreciate this moment, and do not deny your present reality, realizing it is temporary. Though you experience these things they will be renewed and restored. For my plans for you will delight and surprise you with the magnitude of their goodness.

So allow your heart to remain free. Allow your mind to run openly. Allow yourself to view into your future without fear of loss, but instead be captivated with the glorious and wonderful potential within you and before you. For you were made for greatness, not mediocrity. So do not allow the temporary loss of today taint your hope and expectation of the future.

So allow your heart to love, without apprehension. Be bold, courageous, and generous in your love, giving to others as extravagantly as I have given to you. And in this way you will demonstrate the glorious riches of your inheritance. In this way you will demonstrate my love, singing the songs of eternity, the grand redemption of what’s been broken.

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