Great Hope For Those Who Are Still Unfulfilled

Neil Vermillion —  September 3, 2015 —  Comments

Though you have desires still unfulfilled there is still hope for you. For in these desires I have planted within you the seeds of greatness yet to be developed. For some of you these seeds have taken root, while for others those seeds are still dormant, waiting to be activated. I have placed purpose within you, below the surface, and this purpose will be activated at the right time, for the right purpose when you least expect it.

For I am taking you a different path than the path you would have chosen for yourself. I am moving you according to my schedule, according to my timetable, according to my agenda and my plans for you. So allow me to guide your agenda. Allow me to inspire your plans. Allow me to have my way in your timetable, and watch and see how all these things will turn out for you.

For you see things small because you see them unfinished. But I see all things finished. I know the end from the beginning. And with this perspective I am able to guide and direct you to the right destination at the right time. I will set you up to walk in victory if you will allow me to guide you. If you will allow me to put you on the right path.

My great love for you will draw you closer to me again and again. And though the desires unfulfilled yearn within you, my love is even greater still. My love for you is greater than all the desires you have. My love for you is greater than all the desires and passions remaining unfulfilled in your life. For my ability to satisfy you is so much greater than any lack you currently experience. My ability to bring you joy, peace, and satisfaction is far greater than anything that could ever cause you to be disillusioned. And in this truth, you have a greater hope awaiting you. For the things in this life, in this time, are not final. There is a greater hope still.

I know there have been many disappointments in this world. There are many things that do not turn out according to your plans. There have been many things broken, stolen, and killed over the course of your life. But trust in me, and trust in my timing, trust in my plans. For it is my desire to bring you to that place of fulfillment, that place of delight, that place of union together. For in this place of union you will come to know me and there will be total bliss and satisfaction beyond what you can contain, beyond what you can even imagine.

Though you desire to seek me and know me, you have only just begun. For I will continue to draw you closer to me again and again, and you will come to know me closer and closer than you ever have before. And in this closeness you will find the hope that will sustain you.

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