My Great Love And Patience Surpasses Your Understanding

Neil Vermillion —  July 20, 2017 — Leave a comment

I spoke to you earlier but you did not hear it. I spoke to you earlier but you did not understand what I was saying. I pointed your eyes in a certain direction, but you could not understand what I was showing you. I have given you my words and spoken to you time and time again, and you did not receive it, nor comprehend it, nor revere it. But do not be anxious, or fearful, for I am more than patient.

Even though you did not receive what I said previously, still I will convey it to you again. Even though you did not comprehend what I said to you in the past, I will repeat it to you so that you will be able to understand. I will give you the pieces that are missing. I will answer the questions clouding your thoughts. I will highlight the direction in which you should travel, and inspire you to move forward accordingly.

All of these things I do because I am overwhelmingly patient. I do this because I love you, and because I care about you and your well being. I guide you gently, subtly, and patiently. So do not worry if you do not understand all that I say. Do not concern yourself with the full spectrum that has been presented to you. Do not criticize yourself for your own limitations and shortcomings. For I am more than aware of them all already, and I have gone to great lengths to account for them all. In fact, not a single item in my plans has ever been contingent on your full reception and comprehension, but rather has been founded on who I am, and what I offer.

So rest and relax, even in the midst of confusion and uncertainty. Rest in me, and relax in the knowledge of my great love and patience for you. Rest in all I have said, even though you may not fully understand it, or know how to apply it in your daily life. Do not let these things trouble you, or steal away your joy, but rejoice with me, even in the midst of complexities and uncertainty. For even in these things we will fellowship together. Even in these times my great love and patience for you surpasses your understanding, and your capacity to receive and process all I am saying, or all I have already said.

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