My Great And Perfect Will For You

Neil Vermillion —  January 31, 2017 — Leave a comment

There is still so much set before you this day, still more than you know, more than you have perceived, noticed, or measured. So walk forward in faith, resting and trusting in me, for I am with you in all these things. I am with you, and I am guiding you, for you are not walking the path of your own creation. You are walking the path I have laid before you, according to my direction and my timeline. So walk with confidence knowing I am with you, guiding you and protecting you, making certain you stay on schedule, hitting every necessary benchmark along the way.

For I have designed all these things to synchronize together, and have done so with great precision and detail. I have seen it all laid out before my eyes and I have seen that it is good. I have seen all the details to my plans since before the beginning and have known them all in intimate detail. So trust in my leadership in your life, particularly today. Trust in my leadership, particularly when you feel unqualified. Trust in my leadership, particularly when the resistance against you seems so much greater than your capacity to sustain or finish.

For when you are weak, I will be strong. When you feel like giving up, I will be your courage. When you cannot continue, I will be your perseverance and dedication. So find no shame or embarrassment in knowing your limits. But celebrate our union together so you may more fully understand and realize the manifestation of what our union means to your life – not only tomorrow, but today, this very minute.

I will not lead you to your growth, only to let you fail at the end. I will not prepare you for your race, only to abandon you at the finish line. I will not start a good work within you, and neglect it, abandon it, or forget about it. So trust I am with you in all these things, and that today, even though it may be challenging, is exactly where you need to be, exactly where you want to be, for this is my great and perfect will for you.

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