My Great Provision And Plans For Your Life

Neil Vermillion —  October 18, 2016 —  Comments

And in this time of advancement, understand this is a window of time for you to cooperate with me, especially in my generous nature. In so many ways you have desired to know my bounty. You have desired to experience not only my hand and my heart, but also my provision. So look to me with eager anticipation as I reveal my generosity to you. For my extravagant heart will amaze you. My generous heart will overturn your preconceived notions of me, and you will be staggered as you encounter the grand revelation of my true, generous nature.

For I am greater than you think I am. I am bigger than you think I am. I am more generous than you think I am. For you see yourself as small, and you see your world as small, and thus you perceive me, my ways, my resource, my power, and my nature as small. But make no mistake, as you encounter my incredible delights, your preconceived notions and incorrect assumptions will be exposed and you will no longer hold on to them as true.

For as you encounter my true nature, the pale and inadequate idols previously constructed as a placeholder will no longer suffice. You will come to know me as I am, and your heart will come alive. And you will experience my extravagance, and your heart will come alive. And you will experience my provision and my plans for your life, and your heart will come alive. And in every area of your life in which you have questions, and have experienced dissatisfaction, you will come to know me, and your heart will come alive.

For my goodness will in no way disappoint you. In no way will you come up short. In no way will I leave you lacking. But in every way, in every area, in every issue, I will far surpass your wildest expectations. For I am so much more than you know, and so much more than you could ever comprehend. So come to me today and allow me to begin to reveal my generous heart to you, so you may drink and be satisfied. Taste of my goodness, for as you do, your heart will be touched and you will remember your distractions and idols no more.

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