I Am Greater Than Your Capacity To Resist Me

Neil Vermillion —  February 10, 2017 — Leave a comment

Though you feel alone, and feel as though I have pressed you unnecessarily, do not let your heart be troubled, especially by the temporary troubles of the day. For though you will experience these things, they are brief, and they are small in comparison to what I am working in you. I am working my will in your life, and revealing my heart for you in spite of your circumstances. I am showing you the path so you understand where to travel, but I am also revealing myself to you, so you will know me and understand me too.

For it is my desire that, just as I know you, so also you will know me. It is my desire to show myself to you, to reveal my personal and private side to you, so you will know me as I truly am, not just as you think of me from afar. For you possess self-conceived ideas and notions, but they are not true. You possess projections based on assumptions and misunderstandings about me, but they are inaccurate and false.

So allow me to whisper in your circumstances, and allow me to speak to your heart in your time of frustration and confusion. For though you desire the knowledge, oftentimes you resist my messages, and my messengers. For my messengers rarely look the way you think they should. My messengers rarely appear when you think they should. My messengers do not always affirm your previously held opinions and assumptions, but in fact confront, rebuke, and correct them.

So understand, some of the conflict you experience in your life is a result of resisting my guidance in your life. Some of the conflict and turmoil you experience is a direct result of bucking against my will, rather than adopting my instruction and guidance. But do not fret or fear, for my grace is more than sufficient, for I am greater than your resistance, either known or unknown. I am greater than you capacity to resist me, so do not allow yourself to be downcast, afraid, or insecure.

I will speak to you, and I will intercept you. And when you realize your need for me, I will be there, just as I have always been, even when you did not realize it. I will watch over you, protect you, and guide you, for this is who I am.

My love for you is not based on your behavior or performance, but comes from who I am. I am eternal and constant – just like my love for you.

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