A Greater Comprehension Of Who I Am Really

Neil Vermillion —  January 9, 2018 — Leave a comment

Throw away your theme, your concepts, your need for structure. Throw away the methods and formulas you understand. Throw away the devices in which you trust and find comfort. Throw way the faded shadows and empty icons before your eyes this day. For though these things seem to be real, they are not. Though they seem to have power, they do not. Though they seem to carry impact and influence, as if they could make any difference whatsoever, they do not. So discard these lies and false hopes, and embrace the truth and reality of who I am, not only in concept, but in the full reality, manifestation, and expression of who I am. (1)

I acknowledge, who I am is a big question. I know the reality of who I am is no small thing. I know the reality of who I am will not be answered easily, nor quickly, in your life, but embrace it nevertheless. Embrace the reality of who I am as a lifestyle and as an ongoing quest. The reality of who I am is so much greater than a simple explanation. The reality of who I will not be answered, exhausted, nor satisfied over the course of many decades, let alone an hour or two.

So make peace with the fact you know me, but are still in the process of coming to know me. For you know in part, but you do not know in entirety. Embrace the reality of who I am knowing this reality is continuing to unfold before you. And though it seems slow in many ways, know it is consistent, perpetual, and eternal. I am continuing to reveal the reality of who I am to you day after day, year after year. And while this process has started already, it has only just begun in comparison to how long it will continue and persist for you. (2)

Remember the simplicity of the explanations and understandings you possessed as you first came to know me. Remember them, and cherish them, for they served their purpose. But also acknowledge there is more, and this process of more will be a delightful labor of love for you to continue to pursue, as well as receive. Make peace with this fact, and acknowledge where you are in this moment. Acknowledge what I have set before you, though confusing and sometimes foggy. Embrace today, knowing it is moving you in to a greater expression and comprehension of who I am fully, the reality of who I am.

(1) John 14:20, John 17:23 (2) 1 Corinthians 13:9-10

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