Greater Fruit Yet To Come Through Adjustment Of Interpretation

Neil Vermillion —  July 19, 2017 — Leave a comment

Be aware of the subtleties of what I say to you, for in this day I am illuminating your understanding, but also adjusting your interpretation too. I am taking what you already know and giving new insights and new interpretations to you. And though you already possess this knowledge, the perspective and interpretation I am giving you this day will revive and enlighten you, to the point it will seem completely new.

Make no presumptions about what I have said in the past. For though you have heard correctly, and received correctly, there is more to be given you, especially in terms of its interpretation and its application for today and tomorrow. Do not be rigid, locked, or fixed in the matters I have given you in the past. For I am bringing about additional insights that will result in adjustments and redirections. Remain flexible as I guide you along the way, day by day, knowing all these things have been taken care of already, according to my good plans for you.

There is a freshness available to you, if you will remain sensitive to my adjustment. There is a relevance to this day and hour that will be given you if you do not hold too tightly to your presumptions, but instead embrace my alteration to your understanding. The interpretation given you previously was good, but in many ways was seasonal. So allow me to adjust and alter your interpretation and application in order to stay together with me in this moment, rather than continuing to operate from out-dated perspectives and approaches.

I am giving you greater insight in this day, for this season is surely upon you. In the past, I moved you in a direction, but now you have entered in to it. So remain vigilant. Remain strong and courageous. Remain on your guard and remain responsive and sensitive. For as you do, you will be able to remain in perfect synchronization with what I am doing in this day, giving way for greater fruit yet to come.

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