A Greater Manifestation Of My Glory

Neil Vermillion —  August 16, 2017 —  Comments

I have balanced you and am continuing to balance you in all things. But do not prefer your own definition of balance over what I have for you. For in one season over the next I will stretch you as I grow you, and I will create temporary imbalances in order to function as a necessary catalyst for your long term growth, development, and understanding. Remain vigilant; remain alert; remain faithful and steadfast, but also know I will initiate different expressions and manifestations of truths placed within you at different seasons, for different reasons(1).

And with this perspective you will be able to embrace the imbalance of the day, for you will not be looking through a short term lens, but will rely on my guidance and governance(2). You will no longer need to understand, and will no longer need to have sufficient context to measure what is happening in order to decide whether or not you would, or should, cooperate in the moment. Instead you will simply follow the unction of my spirit(3), trusting I will not only initiate imbalance in your life at times, but will also maintain the needed equilibrium order to allow you to function and maintain, as I also gradually or instantly bring about the balance needed, the correction to the season of imbalance(4).

So do not attempt to organize the clutter and apparent chaos I have engineered in your life, for even these things serve a larger, greater purpose(5). Instead, embrace the governance and timing of the leadership of my spirit, allowing me to superimpose my will into your present reality, contrasting, even contradicting, what you may be experiencing presently(6).

In this practice and acknowledgement you will find peace(7) and safety(8). For your mind and comprehension will no longer be the center and foundation of your obedience and cooperation. You will no longer resist, or hesitate, to cooperate with me when you do not understand. But when I speak, you will simply follow my voice(9), as you rely on me, my ways, and my timing(10).

So rest in this assurance. Rest in my capacity to guide you through difficulties, and in my ability to restore balance and order. Do not attempt to correct the mess and imbalance of this day. For all these things have already been taken care of according to my will, and my good pleasure, and are working a greater manifestation of my glory, yet to be fully revealed.

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