Greater Understanding Of Your Cares And Concerns

Neil Vermillion —  February 3, 2017 — Leave a comment

As I continue to bring you to the point of discernment, and continue to give you understanding, not only for your problems, but also for your solutions, so also will I grant you perspective and understanding for the issues of your past. I will allow you to understand better, where you have come from, and will guide you to the point of better alignment and understanding.

And with this understanding, not only will misunderstandings and erroneous conclusions be corrected, but also your confidence and security in me will be enhanced too. I will reveal the truth of my intentions and plans for your life, and you will see things from a new perspective, a perspective of truth and clarity. And as a result, you will not doubt, will not second guess my plans for your future, or the guidance of my spirit. For you will see and know, not only my plans, but also my intentions, and your heart will be secure and stable, knowing the direction I have always had in store for you.

And with this revelation you will also be prepared for what is yet to come. As you understand the key issues of your past, you will be simultaneously equipped to receive understanding for your future. For you will possess a greater, clearer understanding of who I am, my plans for you, and the very real purpose of the obstacles and delays you have experienced. So with all of this, your lens for today will more clearly and accurately process what I will show you, the things yet to come, and the things yet to be revealed to you.

But also, this understanding will bring to light the key issues of your own heart, the things that you wrestle with and against. It will show you how you think, and why you think this way. And with this understanding you will be equipped to not only see these issues, but also how to adjust and correct them, as you begin to see yourself and the issues of your heart through a lens of truth, no longer through the fog of personal bias and ignorance.

And though this will be a difficult process for you at times, know I am with you every minute along the way. Know I will guide you into truth, for the sake of kindness and liberation. I will guide you to your solution, and away from your problem. I will guide you forward, not backward. I will guide you to the solution you need, but could not perceive, and will do so consistently and gently, time and time again.

So throw off your cares and concerns and drink from the cup of my revelation. For though you will not always understand everything initially, I will reveal to you the problems, cares, and concerns that are near to your heart. And you will walk and abide in not only greater liberation and freedom, but greater understanding of them too.

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