Growing Closer To Each Other Through Understanding Times And Seasons

Neil Vermillion —  December 6, 2018 —  Comments

Even as I see things maturing I am inspiring a perspective to understand more fully, more clearly. I am giving you a perspective not based on the minds of men, or carnal wisdom, but from my spirit and from my heart. As a result you will have a greater understanding of the days and seasons in which you live. You will understand the timing, knowing when to advance, and when to wait. You will know when to work, and when to rest. You will know when to be awake, and when to sleep. (1)

The understanding of the seasons is key in our unity and cooperation together. There is a time for every single thing under the sun, and as you continue to grow in your knowledge of me you will see me working more and more behind the scenes. And as you do, your understanding will continue to grow in all these ways, in new applications, and in new details. You will find yourself in my favor, in the favor of my timing, and in the favor of my methods. You will be able to cooperate with all I am doing as you continue to understand timing and season more and more. (2)

Surely I will reveal my plans and purposes to you. Surely as you come to know my plans and purposes you will make yourself ready. You will cause your plans to align with mine, so that we are able to function together in unison. You will come to discern how to be fully prepared to respond to things about to happen in your future. You will know the “when” and the “why”, not only the “what”. For it is my desire to also reveal my heart behind these things as well, not only to reveal the events themselves. For I am a personal God, wanting to draw you close to my heart and for you to know me personally, face to face. (3)

As your discernment grows you will steward yourself as you obey more fully and more quickly. You will grow in wisdom and maturity, especially as you hear my voice and follow in the obedience of implementation to what I am saying for you. Not only will you hear from me directly, but you will also hear me in the Earth, in the events, in the creation of the circumstances I will be releasing and activating in the days ahead. It will be a time of growing together deeply and knowing more personally than ever before.

(1) Isaiah 55:8-9, Acts 1:7
(2) Ecclesiastes 3:1, 2 Peter 3:18, Psalm 30:5
(3) Amos 3:7, 1 Corinthians 2:10

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