Growing In Closeness In All Things

Neil Vermillion —  December 13, 2018 —  Comments

There are obstacles in the path before you this day, but it is my desire and my plan to advance you beyond all things blocking you. This advance will be worthwhile, but will also require you to die to some ideas, to die to some mindsets, habits, and practices, as you adopt my adjustments and corrections. Though certain aspects will be painful, it will be glorious. (1)

There is a correction that is needed, for there are hindrances within your heart, operating from your mindset. Know I desire to remove all these from you so you can walk in greater manifestation of the freedom already afforded you, as you enjoy all I have in store for your future. It is my desire to pour out many blessings around you, and to saturate you with joy unspeakable. The days are coming when you will eat and be satisfied, when you will remember your sorrow no more, and will forget the darkness from years past. (2)

So in the removing of the blockages, know you are partnering together with me in spirit in many things and in many ways. For some people it will seem counter-intuitive. It will not make sense to your rational mind. It will be contrary to conventional wisdom. It will be backwards in its approach, method, or timing. However, as you continue to partner with me in spirit, and as you continue to walk in the direction of my choosing, observing the path laid out for you, your heart will grow in love and come alive with passion and zeal. You will come to see and know the wisdom behind my methods, and will be secure in my plans for you. (3)

There is a greater purpose hidden within you yet to be revealed, and it is my plan to reveal these secret plans. I do not want them to remain hidden forever, or for them to continue to remain dormant. It is time to awaken the inner you and activate my plans for you, so you may manifest the fullness of all the potential placed within you. The working of this will happen in the due course of time, as you continue to partner with me in spirit even in times of waiting. (4)

The times of waiting are so necessary. If they were not necessary do you think I would have you endure them?

As we abide together and wait together, you will see the things come to pass as it is revealed to you by my spirit. Even though it seems you are making little, or even no progress, know I am working in the midst of your delays. I am working as we are waiting. It is a time of preparation, a time of gaining understanding, and a time of abiding together and growing in our closeness in all things. (5)

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