Growing In Knowledge And Understanding Of What I Have Given You

Neil Vermillion —  October 29, 2015 —  Comments

For as you continue to grow in your knowledge and experience of me you will also surely come to understand the sacrifice already made on your behalf. For as you know me, learn of me, see and observe me, you will have a greater perspective and greater appreciation of what my son has done for you. And in this knowledge, and with this perspective, you will continually be in awe and amazement, along with all the created order.

For the wonder and glory of the sacrifice of my son is so much greater than you tend to conceive. It is so much greater than you tend to imagine or comprehend. For he has not only made a way for you, but for all of humanity and all the created order in such a magnificent and extravagant manner that it will continually leave you in awe and amazement. So as you come to know me, you will also come to know in more clarity that which I have made available to you, and you will be perpetually shocked and utterly stupefied.

For my glory will consume you. My majesty will blind you. My goodness will enamor you. My brilliance will captivate you. My beauty will hypnotize you. My generosity will confound you. And all my attributes will continually, again and again beyond measure, continue to provoke and awaken you to the magnitude of what I have given you, the role of sonship.

And with this perspective and understanding you will begin to see the world so completely differently. For you will see your problems smaller than you do currently. You will see your destiny with much greater clarity, much greater enthusiasm. You will see delays as but small and very temporary, and the glory set before you will inspire you like never before. But not only will your future be brighter, not only will your hope for things yet to come be increased, expanded, and enhanced, but so will your present.

For I have not given you a gift useful only in your future, but for you present as well. I have given you the best gift, and done so in such a way as you can receive, embrace, and enjoy it this very moment. And as you continue to know me, and continue to grow in your knowledge and understanding of what I have given you, you will become so completely excited and elated as you embrace the reality that I have given it to you today. There is no need to procrastinate. There is no need to wait for the perfect day to arrive. There is no need to delay your joy and satisfaction in me. For I have made these things available to you this very moment.

So come to me, and I will give you all you could ever desire, and more. I will bring you to a place of sweet satisfaction that will surpass your ability to comprehend or even imagine. And I will do it, not someday in your future, but in this very moment, as you unlearn your former way of thinking, and embrace and realize what I’ve already given you so generously, so immediately, the role of sonship.

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