Growth And Development In Times Of Challenge

Neil Vermillion —  April 18, 2016 —  Comments

As you sit before your greatest challenges be slow to become discouraged. Take time to inquire of me for I will show you my excitement and enthusiasm regarding these matters. For you are at the brink of your next step of your growth and development. I am with you, by your side, step by step, as a loving coach, instructing you and walking with you hand in hand. For in this very moment the challenges set before you have been designed to cause you to grow. And in these challenges you will discover new levels of strength and competency – things you did not previously believe about yourself.

This is the very reason I am excited for you. I am excited to see you break the limits of yesterday as you step forth into new realms, the realms I have called you to. For I am ushering you into new realms, greater realms, greater spaces than in days past. I am beckoning to you from deep within my heart to continue to pursue the call I’ve placed upon your life. For your call is real and your call is significant. So run with perseverance the race that has been set before you. But do not only run the race as if the goal is to finish, but run in such a way as if to win it.

For the dreams I’ve placed within you will surely come, but they will also require your participation. And as you encounter formidable challenges, understand these are but small in the comparison of what is being manifested and revealed in you, and through you. So as you see these things before you, and as you see yourself as incapable, inquire of me and allow me to encourage you. Allow me to show you things from my perspective. For as you do I will clothe you in my strength. I will clothe you in my knowledge and awareness. I will clothe you in my perspective and you will no longer focus your vision on the challenges, but instead will focus your vision on the victory set before you.

For my Dear Ones, I do not see you as defeated in any way. I do not reckon you to lose, but to win. So allow me to reveal my plans to you, and you will see and be encouraged and be inspired. For I will speak to your heart and I will renew your vision. I will renew your fire and you will drink from the fountain of my courage, forgetting your fears, forgetting your failures, and remembering the Living God who loves you and has called you his own.

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